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Marie McGilvray: House Concerts

One of my favorite places to perform are house concerts.  They are intimate and cozy and create a great space for music, connection and fun!  It is definitely a win-win for all involved. The listeners get to experience the artist(s) and music up close and personal without interruption, and the artist is gifted with an attentive and engaged audience.  Definitely WIN-WIN.  You don't have to be a concert promoter to host a house concert - anyone can do it!  I am currently booking dates for Fall 2010 through 2011.  If you are interested in being a host (no matter where you live - I'll come to you!), please read the "House Concert Basics" below and contact  Hope to see you at your home soon!

House Concert Basics:
1.  We usually do two 45 min sets with a 20 min break in between.
2.  We will bring our own sound system - we will keep the volume reasonable, but you may want to let your neighbors know about the show just in case.  [...]
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