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Marie McGilvray: News

Big Love Video! - May 17, 2011

Check out this Video of "Big Love" posted by Dave at MoonShotAcres....

900 Mockingbirds Tour - March, 2011

“Mockingbird on a wire teach us to listen to the world tonight”…..

              This lyric from the song “Mockingbird (We Are One)” was the inspiration for the title of the indie artist 900 Mockingbirds Tour.  The tour features Nashville based musicians Jenn Franklin and Marie McGilvray. The two women met in Nashville at a music showcase and were drawn together by their mutual admiration of each other’s artistry and originality.  “As independent artists it can be expensive and lonely to tour on your own.  We found our music compliments each other as well as our quirky personalities.”  The name of the tour was crafted by combining a title from each of their songs.  “At first we thought it was a cool name that represented both of us,” says Franklin, “and it fit our vision of having 900 new fans.  But later we realized the title had a deeper implication”.

              McGilvray’s song was written after the 2004 election. “I was deeply saddened by the division in our country and at the same time the theme of the Mockingbird kept appearing.  When I researched the bird, I found that although the bird has a beautiful song of its own, it is most often heard singing the song of other birds.  The message of the song is about listening to each other and remembering that we are all connected and to honor that”. The number 900, taken from Franklin’s “Impasse 900” symbolizes the idea of 900 people listening to each other without judgment, and the powerful chain effect of even such a small number to make the world a better place.  According to Franklin, “this has become the goal of the tour – to connect with our audiences through our music and to make lasting friends”. 

              In a sense, Franklin and McGilvray also echo the Mockingbird in their ability to reflect the world around them and be the voice of the voiceless in their music.  Franklin’s “Seven Again” is a plea to a parent to stop being hard on her daughter and to let her enjoy the gifts of childhood.  McGilvray’s “Carl Joseph” is in honor of an 11-year-old boy who took his own life after being teased at school for being gay.   “As artists, it is our job to write about what moves us or what the muse is wanting to say.  Sometimes the subject matter is difficult but there is healing in acknowledging the world around us”. 

              Both women began playing and writing music as children.  Franklin learned to play the piano and wrote her first song when she was 8, and was the lead vocalist in rock cover bands throughout Kansas in her teens.  Her music has been heard on MTV's "Real World," on over 175 college radio stations, and her debut EP “Errors and Admissions” received national press including Performing Songwriter magazine who says, "a bold voice that asserts instant authority...Franklin's confident delivery ensures an indelible impression." She just completed her first full length release “Girl Invisible” which was produced by Jim Reilley.  She has also showcased at several music conferences including South By Southwest, Midpoint Musicfest, International Folk Alliance, Diversafest, Midwest Music Summit, Nashville's 2NMC, and recently performed at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta and as a guest of the Songwriter’s Showcase at the Bitter End in New York 

                        McGilvray taught herself to play guitar when she was 9 and penned her first song when she was 11.  She has been writing and performing her original music since her early teens.  According to Sloan Wainwright (Aunt to Rufus and sister to Loudon), “Marie has totally arrived, with her loveliness, her solid guitar playing, her beautiful voice and her wonderful and mysterious songs”.  She released her debut EP “Big Love” in 2007 and will begin recording her next project (full length album) later this year.   She recently won the prestigious Songwriter’s Competition at Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta and has showcased at the Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis, the Midpoint Music Festival, Googie's in New York and also performed as a guest of the Songwriter’s Showcase at the infamous Bitter End in New York. Her song "Mockingbird" was featured regionally in the 2008 Presidential campaign.  

              While performing in a round, the two often accompany each other and this allows for an interesting variety of Franklin’s Sara Bareilles/ Fiona Apple/Tori Amos pop rock sound and McGilvray’s modern folk/folk pop sound, which has been compared to Sara McLachlan, Patty Griffin and Neil Young. 

              The two women feel fortunate to be touring together.  “Jenn inspires me every show with her amazing songwriting and powerhouse vocals – and we have a lot of fun together!”  They enjoy creating a musical space where the audience can be touched, moved and inspired.  “We believe there is creativity in us all and by expressing it, we share the best part of ourselves.  And we’re so fortunate to be able to do this!”

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Re-Cap of Flat Rock, NC and Johnson City, TN shows - December 13, 2009

Thursday, Dec. 10th Jenn Franklin ( and I drive down winding roads book-ended by mountains full of stark trees that from a distance look like stubble on an old man’s prominent chin. We are headed to Flat Rock, NC. The mountains are layered along the road and look like piles of ribbon from the presents the Universe is wrapping for Christmas. Flat Rock is a quaint village within the folds of the mountain. We are performing at the Flat Rock Wine Shoppe and Back Room – it is warm, cozy and spacious with brick walls with large murals painted into the brick. Not many are out on a 20+ degree evening. Our fingers and feet are a bit chilly from the cold, but our spirits are warmed by those who are there – who listen intently and acknowledge our presence, our offering of music. We make new friends with Heather the bartender, Craig the waiter, Michael the soundman and Tom who books the shows. What a nice bunch! Then we are headed on to Johnson City, TN for our show tomorrow night. Back through the tall black mountainous walls till we arrive at our beacon of light, the Hampton Inn. We unpack and are fast to sleep. Friday, Dec. 11th We are slow to wake and make it to the complimentary breakfast with 2 minutes to spare. It’s in the low 30s and we have all day before the show. We decide to stay in our PJs – we email, call home, discuss the tour, make plans for tonight’s show and rehearse each others’ material. All of a sudden it’s dark out and time to get ready for the show! Again it will be in the 20’s tonight. We arrive at the Acoustic Coffeehouse with freezing noses and full of energy and anticipation. The place feels like being in someone’s living room though it has tables/chairs, a bar/ordering area , eclectic posters and art on the walls, a small internet area, like many coffeehouses. It is breaming with folks of all ages – it’s a lively Friday night! Kurt the soundman gets us all squared away (you rock!) and Jim the owner introduces us to Spencer, the Beagle. During the show, the activity in the room is as varied as the people – some are eating, some, computering, some catching up with friends, some imbibing, some meditating, all listening to the show. I discover several in the crowd are from California (as I) and between that and Spencer and another black labrador, I feel right at home. As usual Jenn blows me away with her music and voice and our rehearsal pays off – it was a good show! We make more new friends after the show and visit with our buds Chris and Christy. “An encore?” Kurt asks. Sure! Although I’ve had some beer and cheese! The crowd is new (it’s 11:30 p.m.) including a group of musicians – Ellie, Jim and company. Jim Willis accompanies us on his drum and enhances the music and this touch and artistry. We make more friends, load up the mini-van, say goodbye and are headed back to the beacon (aka Hampton Inn). We chit chat a bit before we nod off. Saturday, Dec. 12th I wake up a bit sleep deprived but energized and peaceful – aaahhh, I am back in my artist skin. We email our new friends, talk about the shows, load up and hit the road – can’t wait to see Charlie Brown my beagle mix and 5 hours later, I do!

Upcoming NYC Show! - October 5, 2009

Hello friends,
I hope this email finds you well on this fine fall day - it is chilly and cloudy in Nashville, but at least no rain!

I wanted to let you know about an exciting show that I have coming up on Oct. 18th - it's at the Bitter End in New York and I'll be performing as a guest of the Singer-Songwriter Sessions. The Bitter End is a well known and respected live music venue in NYC and this will be the highest profile show that I've played yet!

So, why do I need your help? As a guest, I am expected to sell at least 20 tickets to the show. The tickets are $5.00 each and I'll be playing a 30 min set. For those of you who live in New York, I'd love to see your friendly face in the audience :). If you don't live in New York, would you mind passing the show information on to any family and friends who live there and who might enjoy a night of live music? My friend Jenn Franklin is also performing and it's sure to be a great show ( Oh! And for all you non-New Yorkers, there will be a live webcast that night at

Since I live out of town, I'll be selling tickets through Paypal and will leave the tickets at will call. For all the information, see below.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any help you can give - I really appreciate it!

Here's the information:
The Bitter End
Oct. 18, 2009
Time: 7:00 - Midnight
Marie's show: 8:45 p.m.
Cost: $5.00
Paypal Link: 147 Bleecker St.
(Between Thompson & LaGuardia)
New York, NY 10012

Today - July 6, 2009

I am sitting here this morning, taking in the quiet - the softly lit candles - the gentle snoring of my beagle Charlie Brown - the cooing of a crow outside. It's Monday morning. There was a time when I would dread Mondays - starting another week on the conveyor belt of corporate 9 to 5 (except it was really 7:30 to 4:00). No longer. I am grateful to be self-employed as a consultant and artist, setting my schedule each week - writing and playing music, planning tours, etc. Grateful for this larger space in my world - the space of artist and musician. And that others might enjoy or be touched by my music. What more is there really? I recently read this quote and love it..."I am a hole in the flute that the Christ's breath moves through. Listen to this music." Hafiz. Later there will be busy-ness, scurrying about; but for now, I'm just basquing in this moment.

We Are One (Mockingbird) Becomes Theme Song of 2008 Presidential Election - August 5, 2008

Wouldn't that be awesome if that became a reality? This song has been the closing song of all my shows and has touched many people. This is good news! I wrote it after the last election and it was recorded last year. I was very saddened by the division in our country - I mean really sad. I walked around in a funk for several days. A little later that year, I was surrounded by the theme of the mockingbird - I bought a vintage photo of one at a yard sale, I heard several references to Harper Lee's novel "To Kill A Mockingbird" and I was even stalked by one! (A friend said I should name the song "Stalkingbird"). One morning during my quiet time I noticed a mockingbird outside my back door. Well that bird started pecking on my window! I said out loud, "alright, alright, I'll find out what the mockingbird is all about". So I read about the bird - although it has a beautiful song of its own, it is most often heard singing the songs of other birds - also, the bird can often be heard singing at night. That is what inspired the song.

Ok, Obama. I recently submitted the edited version of the song (aka the "Obama" edit) for consideration to be part of the Democratic National Convention's Change CD. I have felt for some time that this song embodies Obama's message of unity, and am thrilled at the possibility of it being on the CD.

If you've had a chance to listen to the song and like what you hear, would you be willing to email the Democratic National Convention and let them know you like it? Below is their email address and a suggestion of what you could write. Let's make it the theme song of the convention!

DNC email:

I recently heard the song "We are One (Mockingbird)" by Marie McGilvray and thought it would be a great choice for the DNC Change compilation disc. Please include it on the CD!

Got Ringtones? - March 24, 2008

NEWSFLASH: Marie now has a ringtone of the song "Big Love" - just in time for Spring! Check it out here:

More from Marie McGilvray at Myxer

Your Christmas Present from Marie! - December 14, 2007

Hello Everyone-

I was flipping through a magazine the other day and came across a photo of a beautiful Cambodian little girl with large dark eyes (if not a little sad) and a cleft palate. It was an advertisment for The Smile Train (, a volunteer organization that pays for surgeries to repair cleft palates for poor children all over the world. I was moved by the picture and I heard a little voice say “pay the $250.00 for a child’s surgery in lieu of Christmas gifts this year.” I tucked the little voice away, which was then followed by a littany of protests from Uncle Fester and the Aunties* (for explanation and description, see asterik at the end of the letter) - “that’s stupid, how do you know the money will get there anyway? Won’t your family and friends feel like they got the raw end of the deal? They will just think you’re a bleeding liberal, blah, blah, blah....”.

So this is how my life has gone this past year. I hear a small voice, I know it’s the truth and the best thing to do/be and I am inspired, then the littany from the peanut gallery in my head starts. Here are some other examples:

Small Voice: “Make a CD of your songs, people will buy it and some will be very moved; it will be a way to pay for your art”.

Uncle Fester and the Aunties: “Yeah right, who would listen? You’re not ready; you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s silly, blah, blah, blah.....”

Result: I made the CD anyway. It was produced by my friend Ron Gomez and many talented folks played on it. It was a beautiful, growing experience; I’ve sold a few hundred, and many have shared how the songs have touched them; my friend Susan created a slide show using my song “Mockingbird” and posted it on youtube for the Barak Obama campaign.;
Small Voice: “Apply for the Bioness clinical specialist position(; you will get the job, quit the VA, you will do well and it will compliment your music well”.

Uncle Fester and the Aunties: “You’re not qualified; what, leave the security of the VA?!!!, you’ll be discovered as a fake therapist, holy S*&%! what are you thinking, your music will suffer, blah, blah, blah...”

Result: I did apply for the job as a clinical specialist, I quit the VA after 11 years, I LOVE it (after a 3 month transitional period when I felt like somebody moved the earth and forgot to tell me); I am learning literally everyday, I am empowering therapists to be better therapists, I’ve played more live shows this year than the last 3 years combined, my business partner and I are the leading team in the country for setting up patients with home units.

Small Voice: “Sign up for the music festivals in Dewey Beach and Cincinnati; say yes to as many playing opportunities as possible; this will be a crucial step in promoting yourself as an artist”.

Uncle Fester and the Aunties: “You’re not ready, you’re not good enough, how will you pay for it? What if you forget to wear your pants? Blah, blah, blah...”

Result: I signed up, I got in, performed in Cinncinati, Delaware, NY, Nashville and California this year; I made some new friends and many were moved by the music; I have some new direction/opportunities for next year; my trip to NY was paid for by my performance! (look up previous shows).

Small Voice: “Send an electronic Christmas greeting this year; you’ll create less waste, save a tree and money!”.

Uncle Fester and the Aunties: We give up, do what you want!

Result: Here is my Christmas greeting to all of my loved ones. I feel like the wealthiest woman in the world having each of you in my life. Hope you feel the love through your computer screen!

Small Voice: “Pay for a child’s surgery in lieu of Chrismtas presents this year”.

Result: A beautiful child will gain a smile, I’ve had the most peaceful Christmas shopping experience, my family and friends -
(you’ll have to fill in your response).

Each time you smile this season, know that you helped a child gain their ability to smile - I am so grateful for the smiles and laughs you’ve given me over the years....

All My Love,
Marie (aka Preena, Preenie, the Scottish Goddess, Marie-Dee, Dee -Dee, Rie-Rie)

* Uncle Fester and the Aunties are the names/characters I've given to the negative nellie voices in my head. I read about it in the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron that this is common among artists (and probably everyone) that when we're onto a good idea or are inspired, once that voice passes, the critical voices step in. By identifying them and giving them character, their power is diminished. Now, when I hear them, I know I'm on the right track. I welcome them in for coffee and they quiet down.
Uncle Fester inherited his family fortune, but he was selfish and afraid that everybody would steal it - so he buried it in the ground and told nobody - he would keep it to himself, damn it and nobody would touch it. Well, unfortunately he forgot where he buried it, spent 20 years trying to find it and now he is a crotchety old man with 1 rotted tooth, old stained clothes, pants that are unzipped and urine stained. His only pleasure in life is to criticize me and prevent me from having mine! He's harmless, actually and every once in a while I almost see him cracking a smile.
The aunties - 3 sisters who never married because they complain so much! Nelda is a worry wart - she has the worse case scenario for everything - she has a high pitched shrilly voice. I calm her down with chocolate and candles. Zelda is mean. Her face is tight with lots of wrinkles. She is judgemental and above it all. She doesn't realize she forgot to put her clothes on! Belda is pissed because she was given such an awful name. She cries a lot and feels sorry for herself. She is jealous of the other 2 sisters. She has a secret crush on Uncle Fester.

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