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Marie McGilvray: Press/Media

"Marie's songs are absolutely amazing!"

"Marie has totally arrived...with her loveliness, her solid guitar playing, her beautiful voice and her wonderful, mysterious songs".  

"What a breath of fresh air!  This artist has real talent and she shines on this album! The music stays with you and forges a deep place inside of you". 

Nutmeg4 - iTunes Music Review
I first heard Marie when I emceed the GoGirls Fest at Mercy Lounge. I was immediately drawn in by her soothing voice, compelling melodies and the unique and storytelling quality of her songs. I am loving her CD and wearing it out! The instrumentation on the CD is such a compliment to her songs. She has such a gift...she sings WITH her soul and TO souls...thank you Marie for sharing your gift with me - and the rest of the world!

Sandy Griffin, Speaker
Author of Free To Be Me! Creating the Dance of Your Life
Sandy Griffin - Managing Life, LLC (Jan 4, 2008)

San Gabriel Valley Tribune (West Covina, CA)



San Gabriel Valley Tribune (West Covina, CA)

 May 28, 2008

 Folk singer returns to native La Puente
Author: Daniel Fritz, Staff Writer

 Section: Local

In 1981, when Marie McGilvray was a junior at Bishop Amat High School in La Puente, she wrote an English class essay about what she hoped to be doing in ten years.  At that point, she had only been playing guitar and writing her own songs for a few years, but she already knew that music was to be a big part of her life.

 "I wrote about being a recording artist and why I wanted to be one. In the class, we were broken up into groups, and each group had to pick their favorite essay to read out load to the class - so they picked mine," the La Puente native said. "It's a neat thing because it's come full circle, even though it took a little longer than ten years to get there."

 Things have indeed come full circle, as McGilvray, now a resident of Nashville, Tenn., along with other alumni artists, recently returned to Bishop Amat to perform at the school's 50th Anniversary Celebration May 9-10.  It was the first time she'd been back to her alma mater since graduating in 1982."I didn't know how I'd feel to be back on campus, but it was very surreal and weird," McGilvray, 44, said. "But my music was very well received."

 On Friday and Saturday, McGilvray played an acoustic 30-minute set comprised of her original folk music to about 250 people each night.  "It was a very personal, casual and intimate performance to our audience," said Rita Fortner, arts teacher at Bishop Amat.

 But unlike many alumni artists who performed that weekend, Bishop Amat was only one of many stops for McGilvray in the coming months.  Since the 2007 release of her EP, "Big Love," she's been performing all over the country. Shortly after this gig, she performed in Tennessee and Kentucky.However, her music schedule wasn't always this full. In fact, she took a break from music for about 15 years to pursue a career in occupational therapy.

 After receiving her bachelor's degree from Loma Linda University, she went to work at a VA hospital in Nashville. She ended up staying there for 11 years.

 "Moving to Nashville ended up being a good thing because of how prevalent music is in the city," McGilvray said. "It wasn't until after I was there for a while that I rekindled my first love as a songwriter and musician. About six years ago I decided that I wanted it as the forefront of my life, rather than just a hobby."

 McGilvray said that her career is gaining momentum as she begins to intentionally target regional markets around Tennessee. Next year, she'll record a full-length album.

 While McGilvray makes great attempts to further her budding career in music, when it gets right down to it, her ultimate goals are modest.

 "In some ways I could say I'm already a success because I've been able to write music, get it recorded and sent out to the universe," McGilvray said. "Eventually, I'd love to have the momentum be going so quickly that I could leave my job and just do music. That would be wonderful. But the experience of bringing a song into existence, playing it live and recording it - my goal is to just continue to do that."

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Daniel Fritz - San Gabriel Valley Tribune (May 28, 2008)